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Managing Water Has Never Been Easier

Our accurate readings puts the power back into your hands.

Find the Right Meter

Our patented system means that all the hard work is done for you. Simply select the right meter for your setup and all the hard work is done. For more information on the right meter for you please visit Our Meters to get started. If you know what you require your already half way there!

Request a Free Quote

Request a quote for your home or building and our qualified plumber will be in contact. Already have a plumber? We love to share the story, just leave your qualified plumbers name and contact details in the online quote form and we will forward your details and request to them.

Book an Installation

Happy with the quote? We know you will be! We can’t wait to get your Fair Water Meters installed and have you on your way to fairer water and fairer bills! Whether you have selected our plumber or your own we will do the rest and have our tried and tested system installed as soon as we can.


Why our Water Meters?


Intelligent design for simple, cost-effective installation. No special threads, brackets or slip-joints, no need for building or repair work, no re-plumbing or wiring, no EMF.


German engineered and quality assured with a lifetime warranty on the meter base and an 8 year warranty on the ECO measuring capsule.


Over decades our meters have proven to be the best on an international level and are now WaterMark certified, Pattern Approved and Verified for use in Australia.

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